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About Game:

Grand Theft Code Name: J.M. is a 3D GTA Clone made in Unity. You go on different variety of Missions and what not. Explore the city of "MorrisonVille" and meet different characters. 

Disclaimer: This game is not intended to be Grand Theft Auto

This is a fan game for Jimmy Vegas. 


WASD - Movement
E - Interact
P - Pause
J - Jump
Left Mouse - Fire Weapon


Q: What is this inspired by?
A: Inspired by Grand Theft Auto

Q: How long is the gameplay?
A: Depends on how long you play. My estimate to complete this is like days or more. 

Q: Will there be Controller Support?
A: Yes when we add updates to the game. Demo version will NOT have controller support. 

Q:  Will this be on consoles and/or Steam?
A: NO. We have seen fangames get taken down for copyright issues. We will not launch this on consoles and/or Steam.

Q: Will this be on Google Play or Apple Store?
A: NO. We are not risking to get taken down for copyright. We are respecting RockstarGames.